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What's on the menu?

Our favourite catering activity is setting up harvest tables. Imagine themed charcuterie and harvest tables, reminiscent of the French countryside, and filled with fresh foods, artisan breads, creamy cheeses and homemade spreads.

Harvest Tables

Harvest Tables

“Wow. Just wow.

The harvest table Linda set up as welcoming snacks for cocktail hour while we were taking photographs was the perfect complement for our vintage wedding.

Our guests can’t stop talking about it."

Interactive food bars


Looking for a food theme that will appeal to any type of crowd or more casual events? How about a DIY pizza or waffle bar? For a fun, interactive party, let your guests mix and match according to their own tastes, from choosing their favourite popcorn sprinkles or potato spud toppings, to assembling their perfect burger with all the trimmings. You will also be 100% on-trend doing a Mexican-inspired taco bar – BYO sombrero!

“We rate Crazy Cow’s taco bar as the best party starter of all. How could any party be stiff when everyone has a mouthful of crunchy corn tortilla dripping with saucy meats and cheese?”


crowd pleasers

Few foods are more indulgent than a steamy-hot curry station, complete with sambals and poppadums. Served with fresh artisan breads, our soup and pasta bars are also a firm favourite with guests as a welcome snack or casual party starter – especially as a winter treat. Tell us what you like, and we’ll create your event’s special magic. 


On the sweet side, we offer flapjack and waffle stations, providing guests with a whole lot of fun experimenting with toppings like salted caramel & steamed apple or fresh berries & white chocolate.


While buffets may seem very traditional, nothing comes close to a buffet when you need to cater to a large crowd. A good buffet table not only ensures your guests are well-fed, but also get them talking about the quality and taste of the food. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, our delicious three-course buffet tables will provide even the pickiest of eaters something to be excited about.


Steaming gourmet soups are synonymous with a winter wonderland. These hearty favourites are ideal to complement any stylish wedding or themed event. Soups are served in cups with fresh artisan breads or as a welcome snack soup bar where guests choose their favourite.



Canapés, or finger foods, are becoming more popular for weddings, engagements or christenings because they are less expensive and offer more flexibility with menu choices. While you’re taking photos, treat your guests with a delicious selection of mini pizzas or sliders, sweet and savoury pastries, and wholesome ingredients. Go fresh or keep it indulgent; we will work around your tastes and budget.

Food platters are without a doubt the most versatile and convenient means of catering. From office meetings to conference workshops and ladies’ functions, the food platter is your best friend. While some guests still prefer ham n’ cheese sarmies and fruit-on-a-stick, we love to evolve platters to something your guests will remember. Filled mini pancakes anyone?


Our brunch platters are extremely popular …we cater to the theme and feel of your event.  

sweet treats

Sweet Treats

Want to be more creative than a wedding cake? Well…how about fudgy decadent chocolate brownies or shortbread made in flavours and colours to suit your theme? Serve them dessert-style with ice cream or place them in personalised containers as thank you gifts. Alternatively, provide guests with wedding jar-cake to take home.

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