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Wedding eats on a small scale budget: how to feed your guests gourmet food for less than R200pp.

Updated: Feb 9, 2018

One of the hottest 2018 wedding trends is to replace boring sit-down dinners with vibrant fresh food bars. A food bar is a great idea if you want your guest to have fresh food, made to each individual guest's taste, and if you enjoy the social nature of buffet style food.

Here is a list of the food  bar options that will cost you less than R200 per person if you choose the ingredients wisely:

1. Burger Bars

Guests get to choose from beef, grilled chicken, deep fried chicken or veggie patties which is then placed on fresh buns and each guest tops it off with the gourmet sauce and fresh ingredients. What is not to like?

2. Taco Bars

Imagine lime marinated chicken, beef strips, special recipe pulled pork, balsamic grilled peppers, caramalised onions, fried beans, shredded lettuce, cheese, salsa, cilantro, cour cream and guacamole, all in a crispy taco shell. Each guest can load as much of the gourmet ingredients into a taco as they like... still want roast beef and potato for your function?

3. Spuds

Jacket potato with cream cheese as a base is a blank canvas for a range of gourmet  toppings. Your guests get to pile on the pesto chicken, pulled pork or spicy lamb mince followed by a range of different toppings like rocket, pepper, quinoa, grains, tomato and a range of gourmet cheeses.

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