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Ditch the wedding cake, alternative deserts are in fashion

Updated: Feb 9, 2018

As the years rolled on, wedding cakes became bigger and bolder and way more expensive. A wedding cake could set you back a few thousand rands and is the most wasted item at a wedding. Most trends are moving away from the elaborate cake and we are so happy about that. Here's our list of perfect cake alternatives for you:

 1.  Jar cakes

Lovely red-velvet with cream cheese frosting, decadent caramel chocolate, coconut vanilla or even gluten free cheesecake makes delicious cake alternatives. Guests can eat it straight away or take them home . You know what the Crazy Cow says ... all you need is love AND cake.

 2. Brownie cakes

Decadent chocolate will be swept up by your guests and we promise nobody will remember that there was no dry fondant fruit cake. You can always provide small brown bags stamped with a monogram which will allow guests to take their brownie home.

3. Cheese wheel cakes

An idea that will keep people talking for months, is a cake made of cheese. Serve this with crackers and fruits and there will be none of the normal waste. Be sure to get a helping hand when selecting your cheeses to ensure there is something for everyone ranging from sweet gouda to bitter brie.

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