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Food bar experience


We cater for  a variety of different types of food bars , including a potato bar, salad bar, hamburger bar and a pizza bar , but the taco bar is by far the crowd favorite. 

The small corn tortilla, dipped in just enough cooking oil to make it tender to the bite forms the basis of this foodbar. Tender meats like our secret recipe pulled pork combined with sour cream, freshly chopped tomato , topped with cheese, make every mouth full delicious. We rate our Taco bar as the best party starter of all. How could any party be stiff when everyone has a mouthful of soft, corn tortilla dripping with saucy meats and cheese? Guests sharing a pile of napkins with other guests who have sauce smeared all over their faces, having a hearty debate over whether the al pastor or the carne asada is more delicious.


Catering for larger parties can be challenging if the budget is tight. We have the solution - fresh flame grilled burger patties and a range of gourmet burger toppings will not only keep your guests talking for years to come, but also leave loads of money for the beer.


Want down to earth event catering that won't break the bank but still provide your guests with a hot topic for discussion long after the event is over. Why not try a baked potato food station? . 

We serve hot-out-of-the-oven potatoes and guests pile on their own toppings including. The toppings you choose, dictate the cost. You can stay with spicy mince or go gourmet with pesto quinoa chicken. Whatever your taste these is a catering solution for you


Especially popular in winter our pasta bar option allows guest to create their own food. Sharing past and trying sauces and toppings is sure to bring your guests ​together and have them laughing and talking like old friends. What better way to create the perfect ambiance at your event? 

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