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Welcome snacks 

You have no excuse to serve cold sausage rolls and dry cucumber sandwiches ! We offer some great alternatives


Tables reminiscent of the French country side filled with artisan breads, creamy cheeses and home made spreads, top this up with cold meats, biltong and raw veggies make the perfect replacement for welcome snacks or starters


Not too long ago dry sausage rolls and cheese on sticks were the norm. Luckily the Crazy Cow believes every bite size eat should be a burst of flavour leaving a guest to wish there was one more bite... but then the next tray of delightful coloured food will appear.


Steaming soups are synonymous with a winter wonderland. The Crazy Cow serves hearty favourites for rustic themed parties and rich creamy gourmet soups to complement any stylish wedding. Served in cups with fresh artisan breads, serve soup as a different welcome snack or have us set up a soup bar so guest can choose their favourite.


Fun fun fun. We make loads of fresh popcorn and guests choose their own spices. Guests will love the idea and we promise it will set the scene for a fun event.

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